You know the feeling...You are about to say goodbye to your partner, a relative, acquaintance, or business contact at the airport; or you just have to wait a little while before your beloved comes through the arrival doors and you can give them a big hug.Whatever the situation, whether you’re saying goodbye or welcoming someone, there is always time to catch up, reminisce, or toast your successful business deals at Maastricht Aachen Airport’s brasserie on the first floor.
* Open only during the high season, when sufficient flights depart from the airport.

Terrace in the departure hall

Even once you have checked in and gone through airport security, Travel’Inn has a great surprise for you… All food and drinks bought at our 'air-side' terrace are also welcome on board! Travel’Inn is not only cheaper than buying your food or drinks on the plane, we also offer the most delicious fresh coffee, craft beers, various hot and cold snacks, sandwiches, and much more.








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